Drug Research

Two Leading Pharma Companies Face a Declining Co-Promote

Central Question:

How do we drive immediate, sustained volume growth for our co-promoted brand, in the face of the significant challenges of a mature market and a declining class of drugs?

The Defining Moment:

Two leading global pharmaceutical companies were engaged in a product co-promote. But it was a mature brand that faced a declining market. Physicians were moving away from prescribing products for its entire class of drugs. Both companies had made cuts to their brand budgets. To add even more complexity to the problem, the companies were in different parts of the world, and had very different cultures. Yet despite all this, both companies expected double-digit revenue growth from the brand.

Would it be possible to overcome these challenges, and set a higher bar for what’s possible? Could they act in a truly cross-functional, cross-cultural way to successfully grow the brand?

The Approach:

Both teams came together with our help. Commercial and medical leaders from both companies were convened to tackle the core issues that were creating significant barriers for them – dramatically different cultures, lack of convincing messages for physicians and patients, and unaligned sales forces that were tripping over each other and frustrating their customers. The Syntegrity approach enabled them to work in a new, integrated way and think through the problems together and act in a truly cross-functional manner that created new ways of thinking, new opportunities and new results.

The Result:

The two teams worked together as a single unit for the first time. They forged a new, collective identity for the brand. Working side-by-side, they co-created a new, coordinated go-to-market plan, and determined how to maximize their resources on winning tactics. They are currently implementing one plan across two different cultures – successfully.