Accelerating Post-Merger and Acquisition Initiatives

Whether you’re considering a merger or acquisition, or you’ve just closed one, you’ll face some tough, immediate challenges: clarifying or creating vision and strategy, defining the short-term (100-day) plan, rolling out effective communications, retaining key talent, and being very deliberate about corporate culture. Addressing these challenges quickly and effectively is absolutely critical to the success of the merger or acquisition, and your realization of the intended benefits.

Mobilizing for success

As a CxO, you have to align and integrate many facets to ensure the success of such a transformational transaction. Well beyond articulating a cohesive view of the organization, you must also solve a full range of business challenges, including corporate strategy, desired culture, crisp articulation of the company’s new value proposition(s)—all without unduly sacrificing results.

Further, you must unify and mobilize the leadership team. You need to motivate and leverage those on your team who have the skills and influence to generate the biggest short-term impact while also focusing on long-term outcomes.

Focusing and accelerating priorities
to achieve positive outcomes

Through Syntegration®, you’ll be able to quickly solve the difficult business challenges that result from a merger or acquisition. With our Business Orchestration Solution—where people, input, and action become one—we can significantly enhance and accelerate your organization’s top priorities and desired outcomes from months or years, to mere weeks.

Our business orchestration platform, Syntegration, is a science-based algorithm for mobilizing large groups, deepening relationships, and rapidly solving complex challenges. Through Syntegration, we can mobilize your combined talent. We can move it from individual contributions, to collaboration, to collective results, to a clearly defined action plan with sustained momentum.

By combining insights from geometry, neurology and cybernetics with advanced mathematical models and social-technologies, we enable you to quickly optimize large group interaction, consolidate thinking, and formulate solutions in dramatically compressed timeframes. Our team of experts deliver Syntegration in a face-to-face setting over the course of two to three days.