Developing Corporate Strategy

As a C-level leader, your primary concern when developing strategy is to ensure that it clarifies important choices, that it is actionable, that it can be operationalized, and that the organization and all key stakeholders are aligned and bought-in. However, to achieve this, you need to:

  1. Ensure that you involve the right people in the planning process. This is not simply a list of the executive team, but rather a list that includes known innovators, influencers, and those who are known to actively pursue results. The list can also include external experts, advisors, customers, partners—anyone and everyone relevant.
  2. Ensure that nothing is sacred, unless you identify deliberate constraints.
  3. Ensure that these people are engaged and that everyone interacts with everyone else, rather than in silos.

Creating an actionable strategy

Now you face a daunting undertaking. You have to streamline the interactions of vast numbers of people whose ideas, input, and talent must be fully unlocked and combined to deliver the strategy that will ultimately lead to success—for most, it implies months of complex coordination that might not yield an acceptable outcome.

Our Syntegration® methodology, centered on our patented algorithm, enables you to easily determine who to involve—executives, team members, employees, external experts and influencers—the correct number of people, and insight into the range of topics that must be addressed.

Delivering effective outcomes

Our Syntegration specialists—equipped with software that synthesizes all key components and subject matter—deliver “Board-ready” content with all resulting strategies and decisions fully supported by everyone involved.