Changing Business Models

It’s no surprise with the speed at which technology is affecting our world that business models continue to become outdated and in serious need of change.

Nevertheless, the challenge remains: how do you make sweeping changes to a business model that is firmly rooted in past and often ongoing success? From embracing digital strategies, to evolving the mindset of an organization’s people and partners, to upending processes and leveraging technology in unprecedented ways, it’s a questioning of all that is sacred, established and familiar, making it tough to crisply envision and implement change.

Creating the new

Our Business Orchestration Solution will help you decide on and bring about necessary changes to your business model—in a way that is dramatically faster, much less complicated, and far more creative and holistic than conventional approaches. Through Syntegration®, you’ll quickly gain clarity and align on the future, and your participants will be highly motivated to lead, implement, and mobilize others around the resulting plan.

Solving complex challenges

Syntegration, our business orchestration platform, is a science-based algorithm for mobilizing large groups, deepening relationships, and rapidly solving complex challenges. By combining insights from geometry, neurology and cybernetics with advanced mathematical models and social technologies, we enable you to quickly streamline large group interaction, consolidate thinking, and formulate solutions in compressed timeframes.

Accelerating the timeframe

Our team of specialists deliver Syntegration in a face-to-face setting over the course of two to three days. In that time, we significantly enhance and accelerate your organization’s top priorities and desired outcomes from months or years—to mere weeks.