Developing Big Data Strategies for Superior Business Intelligence

As a C-level executive, it’s critical that your organization leverages data appropriately and delivers the ability to link data analytics to business outcomes.

However, despite the availability of a wide selection of technologies and qualified integrators, it’s easy for company cultures, organizational structures and incentives, and a general lack of understanding about the potential of centralized insights to get in the way. Though vendors are removing some of the complexity, challenges still exist in creating a case for funding, accelerating adoption across the organization, and overcoming typical organizational issues that often defeat these kinds of efforts.

Resolving the challenges

To help you acquire the big data capability and the business insights and intelligence you need, our Syntegration® methodology can quickly resolve the challenges that stand in the way. By combining insights from geometry, neurology and cybernetics with advanced mathematical models and social technologies, we enable you to quickly streamline large group interaction, consolidate thinking, and formulate solutions in compressed timeframes. Our team of experienced experts deliver Syntegration in a face-to-face setting over the course of two to three days.

Syntegration, centered on our patented algorithm, enables you to easily determine who to involve—executives, team members, employees, external experts and influencers—the correct number of people, and insight into the range of topics that must be addressed.

Accelerating the timeframe

With our world-renowned Business Orchestration Solution—where people, input, and action become one—we can significantly enhance and accelerate your organization’s top priorities and desired outcomes from months or years, to mere weeks.