With Syntegrity’s world-renowned business orchestration solution—where people, input, and action become one—we can significantly improve and accelerate your organization’s top priorities from months or years, to mere weeks.

Solving complex challenges requires the involvement of many people who are distributed within and around an organization. It takes many people to detect, understand and absorb all the dimensions of a challenge, think of options, and decide on the best solution. And sustained execution—the hardest and most elusive of all— requires the mobilization of many doers and many leaders.

The challenge for most leaders is in streamlining the interactions of all those people whose ideas, input and talent must be fully unlocked and combined to deliver the desired outcomes that will ultimately lead to success. For most, it’s just too impractical and too complex to consider.

The key to our business orchestration platform is Syntegration®—the breakthrough, science-based algorithm for mobilizing large groups, deepening relationships and, most importantly, rapidly solving complex challenges. With Syntegration, we streamline large group interaction in ways that mobilize your combined talent, moving it from individual contributions, to collaboration, to collective results, to a clearly defined action plan with sustained momentum.

By combining insights from geometry, neurology and cybernetics with advanced mathematical models and social-technologies, we enable you to quickly optimize large group interaction, consolidate thinking, and formulate solutions in dramatically compressed timeframes. Our team of experts deliver Syntegration in a face-to-face setting over the course of two to three days.

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