Being Agile is Not the Goal

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Being Agile is Not the Goal

There is a skill and practice increasingly attractive to organizations. It refers to the power of moving quickly and easily or being nimble. Further, it is the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly with intellectual acuity. We are speaking of organizational agility.

An October, 2017 article in the McKinsey Quarterly titled, How to Create an Agile Organization, is a must read. The consultancy conducted a global survey examining those who move accurately with speed versus those that do not or cannot. The takeaways and benefits are clear.

McKinsey concludes that, “agile units report better performance than all others do, and companies in more volatile or uncertain environments are more likely than others to be pursuing agile transformations.” Yet, “the ability to quickly reconfigure strategy, structure, processes, people, and technology toward value-creating and value-protecting opportunities—is elusive for most.”

Why is it elusive? Mainly because organizations are stuck in a rut. They try to solve problems in the same tired and traditional ways. Albert Einstein confronted this irony when he said, “We cannot solve our present problems by thinking in the same manner in which we did when we created them.”

The McKinsey study and article call for change to organizational design. We at Syntegrity agree but believe it begins with changes in thinking and approach to solving the most complex problems. And that is the point. Agility is not the goal. It is agility in service of solving complexity and capturing opportunity.

We encourage you to read the entire article found here. You are welcome to tour our entire site and learn more about how Syntegrity can help solve your most complex challenges where speed, new thinking, and alignment are critical, but often missing.